Newly Discovered Plans-

SAIL PLAN---The sail plan of the rebuilt Constellation (NA 28-2-51: Spar & rigging Plan: 1854)
shows the yards of the 1854 Sloop of War to be virtually the same size
as the 1800 Frigate Constellation (Naval Docs, Barbary Wars, vol VII, pgs 69-70). For example:

Main Yard 1854 (Sloop)-- 83 feet.>>> 1800 (Frigate)---84 feet.
Topsail Yard 1854 (Sloop)-- 57 feet.>>> 1800 (Frigate)---60 feet.
Topgalt Yard 1854 (Sloop--38 feet.>>> 1800 (Frigate)---40 feet.
Royal Yard 1854 (Sloop)--27 feet.>>> 1800 (Frigate)---30 feet.
1854 SAIL PLAN shows no cross trees topgalt (see red arrow below & Roux painting).

Geoffrey Footner in his book USS CONSTELLATION states pg. 232 "Masts, spars, rigging, and
sails for the modified CONSTELLATION, for the most part, matched the ones on the---frigate."
His figures indicate 33% of the sails for the Sloop of War came from the old Frigate.
Simple to accomplish when the Sloop incorporates the same masting plan as the Frigate.

Footner noted pg. 234-235 of his book USS CONSTELLATION that $18,137 worth of special
iron tanks (representing 6.5% of total repair cost) were removed from the Frigate,
refurbished and re-installed on the Sloop. Here are the tanks in an 1840 Frigate Plan
(NA, RG 71, Logs Boston Navy Yard (1841), Stowage Plans of lower hold of Frigate Constellation):

Here are the tanks re-installed in the 1859 Sloop
(NA, RG 19, 128546 Deck Plans showing Stowage lower hold, Sloop Constellation, 1859):


(NA, RG 71, Logs Boston Navy Yard (1841), Stowage Plans of orlop deck of Frigate Constellation):

(NA, RG 19, 128546 Deck Plans showing Stowage orlop deck, Sloop Constellation, 1859):

KEY FINDING---The spacing between the masts on the 1840 Frigate and the 1859 Sloop
were virtually identical. This can be observed when we place the 1859 Sloop Orlop deck plan
on top of the 1840 Frigate Orlop deck plan. See below:

Masting system virtually identical from Frigate to Sloop.
Many materials (sails, tanks, etc) went from frigate to Sloop.
Even though the Sloop was 12 feet longer than the Frigate, the spacing
and size of the Frigate masting system was retained on the rebuilt Sloop.